What we do.

AA Pallets offer all types of recycled and custom pallets.

  • Trained, friendly and dedicated staff
  • Full-time quality inspector to ensure consistent quality pallets
  • Serving companies of all sizes
  • References available upon request

•  Repair and return programs

•  Flat bed Trailer

•  Dry van Trailer

•  Straight truck/box truck

•  Drop trailer/ for customers

SUSTAINABILITY Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Not only is wood more sustainable and ecologically friendly, but using it as a building material also helps to reduce carbon emissions.  Agricultural businesses prefer high-quality wooden pallets made from sustainable, responsibly-sourced wood for many good reasons. AA Pallets, LLC offers a wide variety of new construction and recycled wood pallets for all types of companies.

We are best in the field

We stay ahead of the market by keeping our rates highly competitive, response times prompt, and performance superb.


Project on time

Est. 2015

With locations in Brookpark and Geneva, OH